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Sam's Social!
A Social Network.
Make Real Friends. Not Followers.


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Come See What Sam's Social is About!

Making a friend!

What Separates Sam's Social!

Standing Weekly Calendar

Standing Calendar.

For a week.
No one holds you to it.
Tell people what you're looking to do.

Search by it. See who's free when you are.

Social Personals

Social Personals.

You know what you want to do.
Why not bring the people to you!
Sam unites your personal, profile, & town!

We make meeting easy.
The rest is up to you!

Sam's Social is Complete!

Check the boxes.

Interests. Personality. Opinions. Scheduling.
Social. Crew. Couple. Fam. Dating.
Important information to make decisions.

Knowledge is power. and fun.

Make New Friends!

Real Friends.

If it's not easy, failure occurs.
If it's not complete, failure.
If it's not real...

Loneliness is a problem.
We want to solve it.

Real Friends

What Sam Does.

Sam's Social Enables

Interact as you want to.

As a Crew.
As a Couple.
As a Family.

You have not been enabled to do this.

Sam's Social Makes it easy to make new friends

A lot goes in to new interaction.

Sam gives the tools.
Connects to your town.
Gives you great deals!

If pieces are missing, connections fail.

Make Friends and help charities!

Helping people is good.

Sam makes new relationships.
New relationships mean new things.
Sam partners with charities.

Do Something Different.

Give Back.


Good Intentions Can Change The World. And Make Your Life Better!

Making Real Friends is Hard. It Isn't Dating. Sam's Complete.


Providing a complete picture is important.

Profiles providing simple, needed insight.
A picture can't do that.
We ask the questions that need to be asked.

You don't know if you don't ask. Sam Asks.


Top Tens. Groups. Galleries.

Ranking provides insight.
Meet by interest.
Search by interest.

Simple. Powerful. Useful. Fun.



Walls update one area.
Soapboxes updates 4+ areas in one shot.
Learn More. Faster.

Complete Conversation. One Post.


My Love.

Let your friends help you make new friends!
Making new friends can be scary.
Their testimonial helps everyone!

My Love makes breaking the ice less intimidating!


The hardest piece.

Social Personals.
Standing calendars.
Around Town.

We want to eliminate endless emails on availability

What I Want To Do

The missing piece.

Just Make Friends!
Meet Friends with Your Friends.
As a Couple.
As a Family.
You want to date.

Whatever interaction, We enable.

Sam eliminates the "If I only knew"