Welcome to the Party!

To add value.

We are a social network focused on making new relationships. New relationships require entertaining places to flourish. The two go hand-in-hand.
There’s a lot of reasons.

We’re here to help you meet new people based off the way you interact with the world.

this could be helping you and your partner meet other couples to do things with…
Or your group of friends…
Or your kids… or your parents

We’re here to bring it all together

Places to go

Offer you great deals to places around town

Encourage interaction that simply wasn’t there before

Like I say, this list can keep going for quite awhile.
We looked at the way we interact in real life, what we need as a society, and found current social networks lacking in many ways. Whether it be an option available or the manner in which something is handled, we took an ideal approach.

The biggest gap we found was in a person’s ability to meet new people.

A big problem. It required a big solution.

We brought in all the tools to make people feel comfortable with other people they might meet. What we created is a harmony of functionality to make a meeting new people as painless as possible