Making Friends Is... Making Friends is Hard!

Sam's Goal! Sam's Goal

Sam Does This By How Sam Succeeds!

About Sam's Social!

At Sam's Social, we are users of the internet just like you.

We’ve recognized what people want, what currently exists, and we’ve made something better. What’s been created is a controlled, proactive, and informative environment for meeting new people.

We want you to be able make any new relationship you want!

Married? Meet other couples to have dinner & drinks with using our Couples Profile!
Got Kids? Find a similar family and schedule a play date with the Fam Profile!
New in Town? The Social Profile targets Social Relationships of people looking for friends!
Looking for that someone? The Dating Profile has you covered!

To give users what they want:

To give users useful, informative content.

To promote safe, proactive interaction.

To show you as the world sees you. You may also be seen as a couple. You may also want to be seen as part of a group of friends. Sam has profiles to let you be seen in this manner to meet other couples and group of friends with similar interests. You may also have a dating profile and a sexy profile

To connect all aspects of your social life.

To get you great deals to the places you want to go.

These are some lofty goals, but we believe we have created a platform to do just this!

Welcome to the party!

Welcome to Sam's Social

Sam's Social connects various aspects of your life.

  • Sam offers many types of profiles to meet your needs and show you as the world sees you.
  • Sam offers many types of content to allow you to express yourself in many ways.
  • Sam offers social, targeted personals to help you meet new people effectively.
  • Sam connects your town to your social life.
  • Sam gets you great deals to the places you want to go.
  • Sam's Social is currently only available to US Residents.

    We will let you know as we expand and grow!

    Why Sam?

    Sam’s Social is not just another cookie-cutter social network.

    Our focus is to the future, not the past.

    Our goal is to be proactive. To ask the questions that need to be asked. Connect the services that need to be connected.

    To not allow what shouldn’t happen.

    We’re here to be what social networks should have evolved into.

    Tough question. There’s a lot of possible answers here:

    The personals are really cool. They bring together so many things that make a meeting new people easy.

    The top tens are pretty awesome. When applied to so many people and so many subjects, it’s a lot of fun to see.

    The soapboxes are really nice. Getting a complete view of a person is much better than a single update

    The profiles provide a great picture. I know exactly what I want to know about the person and get a reference to their character… That’s really good.

    It’s a one-stop shop for my social life. Finding and meeting new people, finding places I wanna go, and buying tickets and deals and give me everything I am looking for.

    There’s a lot of good answers. You’ll have to find what you like best for yourself!

    No. No, you can't.

    Other sites have portions of what Sam offers, but it’s how everything is connected that makes Sam’s Social different. The connection is what makes Sam’s Social work in comparison into the rest.