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Breaking the ice

One of the hardest parts of the meeting new people is breaking the ice. Hi! What’s up?  The initial pleasantries are easy but getting into that next place can be difficult.  At Sam’s Social, we give you the tools to meet new people.  We would be leaving ourselves short if we did an offer suggestions to help you meet people in real life as well as on Sam.

The first part of the equation is to keep things in a form that you are comfortable with.  You have to be you.  If you’re not having fun or are comfortable with the situation, you’re not going to look back on the meeting positively.  That doesn’t mean other people are going to do exactly what you want to do.  There will be some compromise as this is a new experience for the other person as well.

The second part of breaking the ice is to break the ice!  You will have to get out of that comfort zone and make the first move!  Sam’s social creates an environment for meeting new people so it may be a little easier here.  In the real world, it’s beneficial to meet in a repetitive environment.  Whether it be a classroom, gym, coffeehouse, a place where a repour and small conversations can be had is advantageous in many ways.  It doesn’t put all the pressure on you at once.  It allows you to gather information to determine if there is a match.  

At some point you have to go for it and ask the big question – to do something outside of the normal method of interacting with this person!  To maximize success, it may be best to do something common – “grab a beer” or “have coffee” – something in a public place that everyone is comfortable with. Be energetic and positive but don’t be overbearing.  You’ve done your best and that’s all you can do! There’s nothing wrong with the other person saying no or declining – you don’t know their life and everything they have going on.

Making friends at a bar can be a little more cavalier!  You go to bars and can have a great time – the one cavaet with the one time situation is that it may or may not be real. I say that because the other person may not always be like they are that night. They may have looked at you as a stranger and had fun with the one-time aspect – not realizing you may want to meet again.  Again – it’s part of breaking the ice – to try! The results may not always be what you expect but failure is part of the process.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Apr 20, 2019