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Brutal Job?

Work these days isn’t getting any friendlier.  Everyone’s working longer and longer hours and putting it ahead of everything else in their lives.  It may seem like the right thing to do…  Or what you have to do…  But it’s important to look ahead to see where you may end up.  Part of life is getting ahead, but it’s also helpful to remember that you have something to come home to at the end of the day.

It’s helpful at these times to plan ahead!  You may not have a lot of time – so make the most of it!  Do something that you both may have wanted to do for a while – go to a new restaurant, see that movie you wanted to.  It may be easy to sit on the couch after a long day, but help keeping relationships going will have unforeseen benefits.

When the busy period does end, that other person will be grateful that you didn’t leave a void in their life as well.  Just remember – a relationship is a two way street! It may also help get you through some of those long days.  Think back on the good times that you had during downtime all at work.  We spend so much time by ourselves these days and time with those that engage us actually does have physical benefits!

Sep 02, 2019