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Even Cool Kids Need New Friends!

Many of articles posted here have some common do-gooder theme to them. And there’s those out there that think – this isn’t for me. I’m good. For some – this will be true as they are very lucky, but for the large majority of the cool kid population – this will not always be the case.

The fact is your friends are not always going to be there.  Marriage.  Moving.  More time at work.  Other friends.  It’s not a matter of if but when.  It’s part of life and you may go through a period where you are constantly replacing the friends with new ones on your own and never even realize it.  At some point though, your friend number dwindles and you find yourself in a different position.

The good news is life isn’t over.  We all have our tastes and our styles and and our own ideologies.  We knew these things about our friends.  Getting to know these things about strangers is generally a little bit tougher.  We get it.  That’s why Sam is here.  To give the initial introduction and break the ice.  You may not find someone as cool as you write off the bat...  Or you might not be as cool as them…  But it’s a start.

There is a hurdle with making new friends because it’s not easy to do.  Sam provides a series of challenges to build you up and make the process easier.  You may not need them, but they’re there for reason.  It’s worth the effort because there is a downside to losing friends and you don’t wanna go down that path.

Sam offers a series of tools to make meeting easy but also to prepare you.  It may be boring, but between losing friends and everything that goes into making new friends, it is a lot of work.  Reading this blog may be dull at times but it shows how life can evolve without one knowing it and put them in a position they don’t wanna be in.  Sam can solve all your problems but I can provide tools to help you be a little bit happier. 

Mar 02, 2019