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Friends at Any Age!

Life changes for a solid some point.  When were younger, were more attuned to handle the changes.  As you get older, it’s not always as easy.  At any age though, it takes a little bit of energy to get out of your comfort zone and do new things and meet new people!

This article focuses more on our friends that are up in age because making new friends is it necessarily associated with older folks.  They’re forgotten about this process.  Yet they can be some of the ones that need our service and the focus the most.  Younger people that need friends have more recently experienced what it takes to make a new friend.

Parents that have had their children leave for college or are retiring and even relocating someplace new have it needed to make new friends for a significant period of time because they’ve always had another focus…  Children, work, their environment has been stable and occupied by something else.

It can be an overwhelming task but it’s one that needs to be done.  There’s plenty of hardships that come with loneliness that you can research but that’s not what we’re talking about today.  We’re here to say it’s OK to make new friends and Sam’s Social gives many tools to make you successful.  

Sam matches you on personality characteristics that are important in deciding if you can be friends with a person.  After all, being friends with someone is more complicated than just looking at a picture.  We also have a couples profile to allow you to meet other couples with your partner.

A great way to begin the process of meeting new people is to join a gym and even take a class or engage in group activity.  It’s proactive, informal, and there’s no pressure.  You also don’t have to meet someone the first day.  Feel out the situation and engage when you’re comfortable.  Going to the gym also establishes a schedule for you to be in an environment with others!

As making friends isn’t easy, it may be helpful to tell groups that you are part of about the Sam’s Social service.  You can also register a social club and Sam’s Social can reach out an make an introduction to your members or provide flyers to post at local events.

Feb 05, 2019