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Friends Having Trouble

We always have some responsibility to our friends to provide guidance as best we can based off our experiences. That’s part of your friendship. Friends are the teammates of your life. They may be on your team for a little while or they may be on your team for a longtime, but while they’re there, you generally want the best for them as you should. You want your team to succeed. When your team isn’t succeeding, you try to make it better.
You offer advice and opinions in many areas of friends’ lives – whether it be love, sports, hobbies, work. There is an expectation or status quo – an energy level, a tension - that you have in your conversations and your relationship with that friend. When potential issues arise that show cause for concern, when that status quo deviates, it’s helpful to call it out, show your teammate you care but also bring the energy back to a place that your friend is familiar with. This goes a long way if you need to take it to a place where help is needed. It’s in an environment they can relate to in a way they are used to interacting.
It’s not your job to solve all their problems, but being a friend to an individual that potentially needs help comes with an extra responsibility – whether or not they choose to get help. You need to keep an eye on them occasionally. They can be like a puppy left alone – they can find their way into trouble when left unsupervised. It may not be your responsibility but it will benefit both of you in the long run.

Jul 23, 2019