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How To Be More Social If You Are Introverted

Being social when you are introverted is a tough thing in today's age.  There's a lot of tools out there to help you but many of them only take you part of the way.  It leaves someone in this position short.  The solutions they find that don't necessarily get them to their end goal.

Interaction in real life today also doesn't help a person who may be introverted.  Our primary focus is with our device or the task at hand.  It has become more difficult to strike up a conversation when people are constantly engaged and don't open up a window for new interaction.

And this shows.  Loneliness studies have become more prevalent!  A May 2018 study conducted by CIGNA and UCLA found that 46% of those studied felt lonely some or all of the time.  So the first thing to do - is recognize that you're not alone!  This is a problem and it needs to be dealt with!

The next thing you need to do is break the mold!  This is a tough thing to do.  You have established a way of handling things that you are comfortable with and you like the result.  Take it the next up.  The optimal situation is to engage with someone you have some rapport with.  Break that mold by suggesting something fun that you two would both do any ways.  It's a good trick to doing new things that you will still be comfortable with.

Another thing you can do is to find an online environment that breeds new friendships in real life.  Find a place where this is the focus and the thought of interacting with someone new in real life is accepted.  Contacting someone that is not looking for this interaction may have a detrimental effect as your attempt can make you feel like you did something wrong.  You need to be setup for success!

I don't necessarily recommend onetime or infrequently occurring event functions based off an interest.  The focus tends to be on the interest and after the interest, there's no relatable factors between you and the people at the event.  Leagues, activities, classes, or groups that meet regularly give you a chance to develop that rapport over time to allow you to break that mold!

And the biggest key is knowing these three things and combining them.  There is a problem - I'm breaking the mold to do new things while still being comfortable - and I'm going to an environment where I can be setup to have success.  The last step is being diligent.  Failure is part of anything in life, but applying this cycle and putting in that little extra effort can change your life.  

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Jan 29, 2019