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Losing Someone Special

It’s always tough to lose someone you rely upon.  They were there for you and now they’re not.  When this happens, your life is going to be different and by that amount of reliance.  You may have known the loss was coming, or you may not, but the true loss is only felt from the individual is no longer there.  This article groups in all losses together to put in perspective that they all need to be overcome and it’s not the first time you’ve done it.

I’m going to start with a little loss first.  Let’s take the transition from leaving high school or college.  You knew it was coming.  You know there were certain things you relied upon or were used to encountering.  They went away and you adjusted.  They were nice, you loved certain things.  They were probably not significant in the long run.  You grew and changed and changed some more.

These losses happen and you don’t necessarily realize the significance right away but you’ve already encountered it and will overcome it.  Part of what makes us human is our investment in others.  The greater the investment, the greater the benefits were - and you’ll always have those.

A change has occurred and a significant amount of time has passed.  There’s more invested in this loss than in those other events but you overcame.  The time and emotion involved in overcoming may be greater, but you have overcome it ends of loss in the past.

May 15, 2019