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Surviving Today’s Social Media

Today’s social media can be a very toxic place.  It’s even worse when you’re trying to actually accomplish something.  It’s hard because there’s an emotional investment towards certain subjects that lay a heavy line in the sand.  In some situations, it may be difficult to approach certain subjects that need to be approached.  But we’re also not going to sit idly by.  Here are a few tips to help put social media in perspective.

The first recommendation would be to isolate your environments if at all possible.  There are some places were certain conversations do not need to be had.  Your workplace might be one.  Anyplace where resentment can cause issues may be a place to avoid.  If you find yourself on social media websites being agitated by the content, that may be something to avoid in the long run as its effect on you is not positive.

Being part of social media is not a bad thing but don’t let it consume you.  There’s nothing wrong with posting in environments that are healthy to you.  The recommendation though is to minimize the number of environments and you post to.  You don’t need to let every article and feed out there know your opinion.  Leave some of that energy for discussion in the real world with some of your friends.  It will be a much more enlightening experience for you and your friends than getting likes on your post.

When it comes to meeting new people, it is important to know whether you’ll get along with the other person.  If their fundamental beliefs contradict those important to you, a resentment may persist that is difficult to avoid.  The goal is to get the information you need and move forward.  Don’t do well on whether something is good or bad relating to these emotional subjects – because it’s not the only thing that will determine success!  You may be in agreement on the subjects, but nothing else works.  Be diligent – and don’t dwell on failure! 

Mar 28, 2019