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The Heart of Sam!

There are a lot of social networks out there!  Social networks are here to serve a purpose for the community.  They do change though – for the better and for the worse.  The question should always be – are they allowing you to do what you want to do.  If you want information and a catch up and you’re getting that – you’re in the right place!  If your end goal is to do something in real life and the processes and setup for that, you may need to look other places.

Sam is here to help everyone be more active!  Sometimes, this blog reads like a self help group which is certainly a valid take away.  Sam was started to help setup new friendships, but we also want to make it for those that already have friends.  We weren’t trying to create the antisocial – wanna be social - social network (which sounds bad).  We want to take social networking further.  The crew concept was developed to help groups of friends meet groups of friends!  That’s unique!  Bigger than oneself!  And in this day and age – very much needed!

And then it snowballed.  Couples have their own little bubble.  Families do too!  All of these are the different ways we engage with others!  Each one has a similar problem – growing that type of relationship with new people!  We built the tools out to make meeting new people easy!

It started with doing something fun and cool…  And it still is!  But it turned into something more.  It enables a lot more than one originally envisioned! It does a lot of good that may not be seen right away.  It’s also dealing with problems that are slowly growing in our society and if we need to, we want to be the ones to call them out and move past them!  We want to say – you’re not alone and this is something that can help!  That – that is the heart of Sam! 

Nov 06, 2019