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There are a lot of social networks out there!  Social networks are here to serve a purpose for the community.  They do change though – for the better and for the worse.  The question should always be – are they allowing you to do what you want to do.  If you want information and a catch up and you’re getting that – you’re in the right place!  If your end goal is to do something in real life and the processes and setup for that, you may need to look other places.

Sam is here to help everyone be more active!  Sometimes, this blog reads like a self help group which is certainly a valid take away.  Sam was started to help setup new friendships, but we also want to make it for those that already have friends.  We weren’t trying to create the antisocial – wanna be social - social network (which sounds bad).  We want to take social networking further.  The crew concept was developed to help groups of friends meet groups of friends!  That’s unique!  Bigger than oneself!  And in this day and age – very much needed!

And then it snowballed.  Couples have their own little bubble.  Families do too!  All of these are the different ways we engage with others!  Each one has a similar problem – growing that type of relationship with new people!  We built the tools out to make meeting new people easy!

It started with doing something fun and cool…  And it still is!  But it turned into something more.  It enables a lot more than one originally envisioned! It does a lot of good that may not be seen right away.  It’s also dealing with problems that are slowly growing in our society and if we need to, we want to be the ones to call them out and move past them!  We want to say – you’re not alone and this is something that can help!  That – that is the heart of Sam! 

Nov 06, 2019

Being Prone to Loneliness

Our society and our accepted behaviors are huge contributing factors to being lonely. Always being on your phone. The notion that it’s okay to be on your phone with your head down even when you're with people! Having as busy a schedule as many have. We’ve found things to do such that we can entertain ourselves and don’t need anyone! We get comfy in our own little world and it becomes viewed as a burden to break out of that world.
We’ve geared ourselves to always having something to do – not necessarily to do something with someone else. We’ve gotten so bad that we’ve backed ourselves into a corner and with the trends with mannerisms we’ve established, it’s a little scary! 

The problem is that it’s not recognized until there really is a problem and all of our accepted behaviors aren’t as accepted as they once were! You don't want the person across from you on their phone when you want to have a conversation! We’ve even created expressions to make it okay for these previously accepted behaviors… like… hater’s gone hate!

There’s a need to call out these problems and put ourselves first. Make new interaction okay. And when it comes time, this isn’t a small movement. Loneliness effects a considerable portion of today’s society and it carries health consequences. So identify what contributes to your situation and look for ways to make the situation better. And that making the situation better - makes everyone better! 

Aug 14, 2019

Growing with Sam

Being single and dating

Everyone relies upon dating as the primary activity in their lives when their single, however some of the best times that we have are with our friends.  The people you’re dating can come and go, but your real friends stick around for awhile.  But sometimes they’re not around.  There at a different point in their life than you are.  It’s part of life for all of us.

Sam wants to change the way we interact and make us all happier.  When we were young, we, a group of guys, would meet up and do things together.  We’d need a group of girls…  Or guys and expand our friendships and form new relationships.  It was easy because everything was right there.

Today, your friends from a previous day are not right there.  But new friends are or new friends waiting to be made.  Make some new friends first and have fun!.  That’s what the Social profile on Sam’s Social is there to do.  From there, form a crew profile with your friends and meet other crews!  Go on a double date with your friends that are in the same boat as you are!

It’s nice to be able to show off your friendships because that’s what happens in real life.  Friendships are not a mailing list.  There something real and should be used to create something real!  The best relationships are formed through your friends and that’s what Sam is giving you the opportunity to do.  We’re all busy these days and crew interaction is the easiest way to allow us to do what we once did – make friends and form relationships with our friends!

Lasting relationships

Once you do meet that special someone, your life changes a bit.  You don’t necessarily want to go to singles events.  You would like to do something with your partner.  The need for meeting new people doesn’t change – it doesn’t go away.  It’s part of your life and it’s a good part!  Going to singles events wouldn’t make your partner very happy, but doing things that fulfills this need of meeting new people with your partner helps build and grow with your relationship!

Sam lets you show off your relationship the a couples profile.  Meeting other couples with your partner is a concept that isn’t as prominent as it should be in our society.  The rate of divorce is far too high today.  We become isolated in our relationships and if our relationships become isolated, destructive things can happen.  You may not have to like every other couple that you meet, but it will give you something to do and grow as a couple!

Sam believes it’s important to call out concepts!  Each type of interaction is important – whether it be via the social profile, as a crew, couple, or via dating.  If we change the way we interact online to reflect the way we actually interact in real life, good things can happen and allow us to grow!

Jun 30, 2019

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The Sam’s Social blog is here to serve many purposes!  Sam provides many tools to help its community forge new relationships.  We try to provide insightful content on a variety of topics that fit our user’s needs. We try to post regularly as there’s always something new occur in relating to Sam and the world of mental health.

If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or if you would like to become a community contributor, please e-mail us at

Jun 08, 2019

Breaking the ice

One of the hardest parts of the meeting new people is breaking the ice. Hi! What’s up?  The initial pleasantries are easy but getting into that next place can be difficult.  At Sam’s Social, we give you the tools to meet new people.  We would be leaving ourselves short if we did an offer suggestions to help you meet people in real life as well as on Sam.

The first part of the equation is to keep things in a form that you are comfortable with.  You have to be you.  If you’re not having fun or are comfortable with the situation, you’re not going to look back on the meeting positively.  That doesn’t mean other people are going to do exactly what you want to do.  There will be some compromise as this is a new experience for the other person as well.

The second part of breaking the ice is to break the ice!  You will have to get out of that comfort zone and make the first move!  Sam’s social creates an environment for meeting new people so it may be a little easier here.  In the real world, it’s beneficial to meet in a repetitive environment.  Whether it be a classroom, gym, coffeehouse, a place where a repour and small conversations can be had is advantageous in many ways.  It doesn’t put all the pressure on you at once.  It allows you to gather information to determine if there is a match.  

At some point you have to go for it and ask the big question – to do something outside of the normal method of interacting with this person!  To maximize success, it may be best to do something common – “grab a beer” or “have coffee” – something in a public place that everyone is comfortable with. Be energetic and positive but don’t be overbearing.  You’ve done your best and that’s all you can do! There’s nothing wrong with the other person saying no or declining – you don’t know their life and everything they have going on.

Making friends at a bar can be a little more cavalier!  You go to bars and can have a great time – the one cavaet with the one time situation is that it may or may not be real. I say that because the other person may not always be like they are that night. They may have looked at you as a stranger and had fun with the one-time aspect – not realizing you may want to meet again.  Again – it’s part of breaking the ice – to try! The results may not always be what you expect but failure is part of the process.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Apr 20, 2019

Even Cool Kids Need New Friends!

Many of articles posted here have some common do-gooder theme to them. And there’s those out there that think – this isn’t for me. I’m good. For some – this will be true as they are very lucky, but for the large majority of the cool kid population – this will not always be the case.

The fact is your friends are not always going to be there.  Marriage.  Moving.  More time at work.  Other friends.  It’s not a matter of if but when.  It’s part of life and you may go through a period where you are constantly replacing the friends with new ones on your own and never even realize it.  At some point though, your friend number dwindles and you find yourself in a different position.

The good news is life isn’t over.  We all have our tastes and our styles and and our own ideologies.  We knew these things about our friends.  Getting to know these things about strangers is generally a little bit tougher.  We get it.  That’s why Sam is here.  To give the initial introduction and break the ice.  You may not find someone as cool as you write off the bat...  Or you might not be as cool as them…  But it’s a start.

There is a hurdle with making new friends because it’s not easy to do.  Sam provides a series of challenges to build you up and make the process easier.  You may not need them, but they’re there for reason.  It’s worth the effort because there is a downside to losing friends and you don’t wanna go down that path.

Sam offers a series of tools to make meeting easy but also to prepare you.  It may be boring, but between losing friends and everything that goes into making new friends, it is a lot of work.  Reading this blog may be dull at times but it shows how life can evolve without one knowing it and put them in a position they don’t wanna be in.  Sam can solve all your problems but I can provide tools to help you be a little bit happier. 

Mar 02, 2019

Friends at Any Age!

Life changes for a solid some point.  When were younger, were more attuned to handle the changes.  As you get older, it’s not always as easy.  At any age though, it takes a little bit of energy to get out of your comfort zone and do new things and meet new people!

This article focuses more on our friends that are up in age because making new friends is it necessarily associated with older folks.  They’re forgotten about this process.  Yet they can be some of the ones that need our service and the focus the most.  Younger people that need friends have more recently experienced what it takes to make a new friend.

Parents that have had their children leave for college or are retiring and even relocating someplace new have it needed to make new friends for a significant period of time because they’ve always had another focus…  Children, work, their environment has been stable and occupied by something else.

It can be an overwhelming task but it’s one that needs to be done.  There’s plenty of hardships that come with loneliness that you can research but that’s not what we’re talking about today.  We’re here to say it’s OK to make new friends and Sam’s Social gives many tools to make you successful.  

Sam matches you on personality characteristics that are important in deciding if you can be friends with a person.  After all, being friends with someone is more complicated than just looking at a picture.  We also have a couples profile to allow you to meet other couples with your partner.

A great way to begin the process of meeting new people is to join a gym and even take a class or engage in group activity.  It’s proactive, informal, and there’s no pressure.  You also don’t have to meet someone the first day.  Feel out the situation and engage when you’re comfortable.  Going to the gym also establishes a schedule for you to be in an environment with others!

As making friends isn’t easy, it may be helpful to tell groups that you are part of about the Sam’s Social service.  You can also register a social club and Sam’s Social can reach out an make an introduction to your members or provide flyers to post at local events.

Feb 05, 2019