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There are a lot of social networks out there!  Social networks are here to serve a purpose for the community.  They do change though – for the better and for the worse.  The question should always be – are they allowing you to do what you want to do.  If you want information and a catch up and you’re getting that – you’re in the right place!  If your end goal is to do something in real life and the processes and setup for that, you may need to look other places.

Sam is here to help everyone be more active!  Sometimes, this blog reads like a self help group which is certainly a valid take away.  Sam was started to help setup new friendships, but we also want to make it for those that already have friends.  We weren’t trying to create the antisocial – wanna be social - social network (which sounds bad).  We want to take social networking further.  The crew concept was developed to help groups of friends meet groups of friends!  That’s unique!  Bigger than oneself!  And in this day and age – very much needed!

And then it snowballed.  Couples have their own little bubble.  Families do too!  All of these are the different ways we engage with others!  Each one has a similar problem – growing that type of relationship with new people!  We built the tools out to make meeting new people easy!

It started with doing something fun and cool…  And it still is!  But it turned into something more.  It enables a lot more than one originally envisioned! It does a lot of good that may not be seen right away.  It’s also dealing with problems that are slowly growing in our society and if we need to, we want to be the ones to call them out and move past them!  We want to say – you’re not alone and this is something that can help!  That – that is the heart of Sam! 

Nov 06, 2019

Brutal Job?

Work these days isn’t getting any friendlier.  Everyone’s working longer and longer hours and putting it ahead of everything else in their lives.  It may seem like the right thing to do…  Or what you have to do…  But it’s important to look ahead to see where you may end up.  Part of life is getting ahead, but it’s also helpful to remember that you have something to come home to at the end of the day.

It’s helpful at these times to plan ahead!  You may not have a lot of time – so make the most of it!  Do something that you both may have wanted to do for a while – go to a new restaurant, see that movie you wanted to.  It may be easy to sit on the couch after a long day, but help keeping relationships going will have unforeseen benefits.

When the busy period does end, that other person will be grateful that you didn’t leave a void in their life as well.  Just remember – a relationship is a two way street! It may also help get you through some of those long days.  Think back on the good times that you had during downtime all at work.  We spend so much time by ourselves these days and time with those that engage us actually does have physical benefits!

Sep 02, 2019

Being Prone to Loneliness

Our society and our accepted behaviors are huge contributing factors to being lonely. Always being on your phone. The notion that it’s okay to be on your phone with your head down even when you're with people! Having as busy a schedule as many have. We’ve found things to do such that we can entertain ourselves and don’t need anyone! We get comfy in our own little world and it becomes viewed as a burden to break out of that world.
We’ve geared ourselves to always having something to do – not necessarily to do something with someone else. We’ve gotten so bad that we’ve backed ourselves into a corner and with the trends with mannerisms we’ve established, it’s a little scary! 

The problem is that it’s not recognized until there really is a problem and all of our accepted behaviors aren’t as accepted as they once were! You don't want the person across from you on their phone when you want to have a conversation! We’ve even created expressions to make it okay for these previously accepted behaviors… like… hater’s gone hate!

There’s a need to call out these problems and put ourselves first. Make new interaction okay. And when it comes time, this isn’t a small movement. Loneliness effects a considerable portion of today’s society and it carries health consequences. So identify what contributes to your situation and look for ways to make the situation better. And that making the situation better - makes everyone better! 

Aug 14, 2019

Friends Having Trouble

We always have some responsibility to our friends to provide guidance as best we can based off our experiences. That’s part of your friendship. Friends are the teammates of your life. They may be on your team for a little while or they may be on your team for a longtime, but while they’re there, you generally want the best for them as you should. You want your team to succeed. When your team isn’t succeeding, you try to make it better.
You offer advice and opinions in many areas of friends’ lives – whether it be love, sports, hobbies, work. There is an expectation or status quo – an energy level, a tension - that you have in your conversations and your relationship with that friend. When potential issues arise that show cause for concern, when that status quo deviates, it’s helpful to call it out, show your teammate you care but also bring the energy back to a place that your friend is familiar with. This goes a long way if you need to take it to a place where help is needed. It’s in an environment they can relate to in a way they are used to interacting.
It’s not your job to solve all their problems, but being a friend to an individual that potentially needs help comes with an extra responsibility – whether or not they choose to get help. You need to keep an eye on them occasionally. They can be like a puppy left alone – they can find their way into trouble when left unsupervised. It may not be your responsibility but it will benefit both of you in the long run.

Jul 23, 2019

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The Sam’s Social blog is here to serve many purposes!  Sam provides many tools to help its community forge new relationships.  We try to provide insightful content on a variety of topics that fit our user’s needs. We try to post regularly as there’s always something new occur in relating to Sam and the world of mental health.

If you have a topic that you would like us to discuss or if you would like to become a community contributor, please e-mail us at

Jun 08, 2019

Losing Someone Special

It’s always tough to lose someone you rely upon.  They were there for you and now they’re not.  When this happens, your life is going to be different and by that amount of reliance.  You may have known the loss was coming, or you may not, but the true loss is only felt from the individual is no longer there.  This article groups in all losses together to put in perspective that they all need to be overcome and it’s not the first time you’ve done it.

I’m going to start with a little loss first.  Let’s take the transition from leaving high school or college.  You knew it was coming.  You know there were certain things you relied upon or were used to encountering.  They went away and you adjusted.  They were nice, you loved certain things.  They were probably not significant in the long run.  You grew and changed and changed some more.

These losses happen and you don’t necessarily realize the significance right away but you’ve already encountered it and will overcome it.  Part of what makes us human is our investment in others.  The greater the investment, the greater the benefits were - and you’ll always have those.

A change has occurred and a significant amount of time has passed.  There’s more invested in this loss than in those other events but you overcame.  The time and emotion involved in overcoming may be greater, but you have overcome it ends of loss in the past.

May 15, 2019

Surviving Today’s Social Media

Today’s social media can be a very toxic place.  It’s even worse when you’re trying to actually accomplish something.  It’s hard because there’s an emotional investment towards certain subjects that lay a heavy line in the sand.  In some situations, it may be difficult to approach certain subjects that need to be approached.  But we’re also not going to sit idly by.  Here are a few tips to help put social media in perspective.

The first recommendation would be to isolate your environments if at all possible.  There are some places were certain conversations do not need to be had.  Your workplace might be one.  Anyplace where resentment can cause issues may be a place to avoid.  If you find yourself on social media websites being agitated by the content, that may be something to avoid in the long run as its effect on you is not positive.

Being part of social media is not a bad thing but don’t let it consume you.  There’s nothing wrong with posting in environments that are healthy to you.  The recommendation though is to minimize the number of environments and you post to.  You don’t need to let every article and feed out there know your opinion.  Leave some of that energy for discussion in the real world with some of your friends.  It will be a much more enlightening experience for you and your friends than getting likes on your post.

When it comes to meeting new people, it is important to know whether you’ll get along with the other person.  If their fundamental beliefs contradict those important to you, a resentment may persist that is difficult to avoid.  The goal is to get the information you need and move forward.  Don’t do well on whether something is good or bad relating to these emotional subjects – because it’s not the only thing that will determine success!  You may be in agreement on the subjects, but nothing else works.  Be diligent – and don’t dwell on failure! 

Mar 28, 2019

Video games and Having Friends!

I love video games.  There’s a game out there for everyone and everyone can spend a lot of time on them.  You have your own community.  You interact and make friends.  Or not.  But the reliance on the game(s) creates a dependency for the game.  And as lovable as they are, it’s not healthy.

People can suck sometimes and games are fun and you can do what you want to create a positive feeling, but life doesn’t move forward.  The biggest thing is recognizing this, using it, if an using what you’ve learned in your games.

Recognizing it is pretty simple.  you’re not going to interact with anyone in real life if you’re not around anyone.  You can’t do that while you’re on the game and life doesn’t change.  That can be depressing and cause other side effects that are not helpful.  

Recognizing the side effects is imperative because you shouldn’t be harming yourself and you need to know that.  Use Sam or your existing friends.  Have fun!  Get out and take care of yourself.  Stepping away from the game helps put a lot of things in perspective.

If you do have trouble meeting people, don’t let those gaming skills go to waste!  Whether or not you’ve realized it, playing video games teach you to be analytical, combative, appreciative, fun, and engaging!  Don’t be a geek about it, but realize the fact that if you worked socially adept before, you may be more so now.  You just have to realize it and apply it to the new situation!

Jan 10, 2019

If you're doing new things... Why Not Do Something Good!

Sam's Social is here to help people and change people's lives! It's not easy to break the norm and that's what you're doing! So for that - we at Sam's Social - Congratulate you!

But let's really get wild! Let's multiply the good vibes and when you make your next friend, do something good together! Go to a local shelter and take a needing dog for a walk! Help out at a local food bank! Burn a little energy and then go grab lunch, dinner, or a beer together and have something good to reminisce about!

Share your stories on Sam and have fun!

... and when you go to these charities, tell them about Sam's Social and how we're helping in two ways!

Oct 25, 2018