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Winter Ideas for Couples

Couples need to mix it up too! Doing new things with others makes any relationship strong – especially that with the one you love the most. Try a new ski resort in on a day trip. We can’t all take great trips to Colorado every weekend. No matter your ski level, beginner to expert, it’s fun to see what new places have to offer and to try out skiing. If you’re an expert skier, try snowboarding. If your partner doesn’t ski, try to teach them. There’s always something you can teach yourself or knew that you can do even at a small resort.
Other activities like ice skating or sledding make for easier excursions and great date nights. Doing these things with other couples is also a good idea because you get a group atmosphere in addition to being able to have your private moments and time together.
As an active couple, you should always be open to learn new things. Skating and skiing may be scary to some but they’re not impossible tasks. Challenge yourself to overcome little obstacles that have prevented you from doing things in the past! As you’ve gotten older, you’ve certainly learned how to research things and these two skills are no different. Go in prepared and have a great time!

Dec 06, 2019

Growing with Sam

Being single and dating

Everyone relies upon dating as the primary activity in their lives when their single, however some of the best times that we have are with our friends.  The people you’re dating can come and go, but your real friends stick around for awhile.  But sometimes they’re not around.  There at a different point in their life than you are.  It’s part of life for all of us.

Sam wants to change the way we interact and make us all happier.  When we were young, we, a group of guys, would meet up and do things together.  We’d need a group of girls…  Or guys and expand our friendships and form new relationships.  It was easy because everything was right there.

Today, your friends from a previous day are not right there.  But new friends are or new friends waiting to be made.  Make some new friends first and have fun!.  That’s what the Social profile on Sam’s Social is there to do.  From there, form a crew profile with your friends and meet other crews!  Go on a double date with your friends that are in the same boat as you are!

It’s nice to be able to show off your friendships because that’s what happens in real life.  Friendships are not a mailing list.  There something real and should be used to create something real!  The best relationships are formed through your friends and that’s what Sam is giving you the opportunity to do.  We’re all busy these days and crew interaction is the easiest way to allow us to do what we once did – make friends and form relationships with our friends!

Lasting relationships

Once you do meet that special someone, your life changes a bit.  You don’t necessarily want to go to singles events.  You would like to do something with your partner.  The need for meeting new people doesn’t change – it doesn’t go away.  It’s part of your life and it’s a good part!  Going to singles events wouldn’t make your partner very happy, but doing things that fulfills this need of meeting new people with your partner helps build and grow with your relationship!

Sam lets you show off your relationship the a couples profile.  Meeting other couples with your partner is a concept that isn’t as prominent as it should be in our society.  The rate of divorce is far too high today.  We become isolated in our relationships and if our relationships become isolated, destructive things can happen.  You may not have to like every other couple that you meet, but it will give you something to do and grow as a couple!

Sam believes it’s important to call out concepts!  Each type of interaction is important – whether it be via the social profile, as a crew, couple, or via dating.  If we change the way we interact online to reflect the way we actually interact in real life, good things can happen and allow us to grow!

Jun 30, 2019

The best places to meet new people

So you’re looking to make a few new friends and you have no idea where to go.  If you may be new to the area.  You may not have needed two for a while.  It’s a daunting question.  We’re here to help give you some ideas to help you be successful and why others may not work as well.

The first scenario is if you’ve met someone on Sam and you know a little bit about them but aren’t quite sure if it’s going to work.  A restaurant or bar that you’re comfortable with is the optimal choice.  It provides you a social environment to become comfortable and focus on one another.  You need to be able to establish a vibe and restaurants and bars allows you to do it.  A bar also provides you an easy out if things don’t go to your liking.

Restaurants and bars work great when you’re meeting someone new.  If you’re not meeting someone you know, it’s a roll of the dice.  You can certainly do some research to improve your odds, but the fact is the person you may sit down next to may have no desire to make friends, maybe nothing like you and may cause more harm than good.  Obviously, this is the worst case scenario and many people do make friends in bars. 

Work varies by environment.  As you climb the ranks, it becomes more and more difficult for this to be an optimal place.  The writing will be on the wall as to if this is a good idea.

A great place for meeting new people is at your local gym.  It provides a regular environment where everything doesn’t have to happen in one day.  A relationship can be built over time and a can be done and in an environment where you both have an interest in a common element – exercise class, weight lifting, basketball, etc.  You will at some point have to break the ice, but you have a good start to be successful!

Other classes, leagues, or repetitive environments, such as church, focusing on an interest are a great place to meet people as well.  Like the gym - you don’t have to make friends all in one day.  The goal is to be in an environment that you are comfortable with - around people with similar interests to yourself.  

IMPORTANT – a common interest does not guarantee you are a perfect match!  It’s something that provides for good vibes and something to talk about.  It does not match you on the criteria that are necessarily important to you in the friends that you keep.  For many it is a helpful recommendation, for others it may not be a realistic option.  

When meeting at a bar, there is no common interest.  The other person may or may not be looking to be social.  All you can do is try.  Break the ice.  It may work.  It may not.  As I said at the beginning - it’s a daunting question.  Being set up to succeed goes a long way and that’s what Sam is there for!  Happy hunting!

Feb 15, 2019

If you're doing new things... Why Not Do Something Good!

Sam's Social is here to help people and change people's lives! It's not easy to break the norm and that's what you're doing! So for that - we at Sam's Social - Congratulate you!

But let's really get wild! Let's multiply the good vibes and when you make your next friend, do something good together! Go to a local shelter and take a needing dog for a walk! Help out at a local food bank! Burn a little energy and then go grab lunch, dinner, or a beer together and have something good to reminisce about!

Share your stories on Sam and have fun!

... and when you go to these charities, tell them about Sam's Social and how we're helping in two ways!

Oct 25, 2018