FAQs - Content

Content refers to many types of postings that share opinions and interests.

Content is divided by type of input or format and is designed to share your opinions and interests with others.

Sam's Social offers the following types of content
  • Galleries
  • Top tens
  • Soapboxes
  • Wish list
Each type of content is divided into its own area. When the user creates a piece of content, they’re provided the option of which profiles they want to share that content with. They may also share it with other sections of Sam's Social where it will be displayed for other users to see and interact with.
We know… But not everyone gets along with everyone.

We’re trying to give you tools so you can differentiate yourself enough so that people have a better idea of who will and will not work out.

It’s not intended to be cumbersome and can actually be quite fun.

The content in these sections may even help you find friends
You share your content exactly how you want to share it. Each piece of content you create can be linked to each of your profiles.
With each piece of content you create, you are provided the option to share your content with your profiles and the around town, other interests, and forums sections of SamSocial.com.

To see all profiles a piece of content is shared with
  1. Select the content you wish to share
  2. Under the "Share" Section, you will find a list of all your profiles. Select which profiles you want to share the content with.
  3. Select Update to Save your selection
To see all content shared with a profile
  1. Select the profile
  2. Select Link Content From the top menu
  3. You will find a listing of all your content by type. Select/Unselect content based on your preferences.
  4. Select Update to Save your changes
Note - Only Content Groupings can be shared - ie Galleries and Blogs - specific pictures and blog entries cannot be shared on their own.

When you create our update content, an update notification is provided to all profiles’ members and friends that content is shared with

Top Tens

It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s your ranked responses to whatever the subject is you select. When bottom is selected, the responses represent th bottom or negative responses to the subject.
Well, there’s a few reasons.

The primary being it shows something about you. It shows your preferences and lines of thought

The second is they’re actually pretty fun to make. They’re even more fun to scroll through and see what other people like
Nope, but you do need to have six.

We know ten is a lot, but we at least want more than few replies to give a better picture of what you’re looking to express.
No it does not. As opposed to creating a top 10, you can create a bottom 10 as well.
Nope. These are just suggestions to help you think of topics. To create your own top ten, click on the + in the upper right corner of the section.
No idea. Top tens have been part of our culture for a long time. They are found in many places, but have never been utilized in helping users of a website interact. We love them and think you will too!


Soapbox lets you give your thoughts on multiple subjects as opposed to providing your thoughts on just one specific story or subject.

It gives the world a chance to see the unasked side of you.

These are the types of subjects that come up when meeting new people. Show new people how interesting you are and begin the journey of making new friends!
You like to share your opinion.

You like to talk about a variety of subjects.

You want to have the conversation with friends that you may not ordinarily have the time for.
Create a content group! It groups together similar content that interests you!

When viewing a soapbox, Content groups are available under

You can find your content group under My Social → My Content → Content Groups
Currently you cannot as we wanted to keep the subjects of soapboxes standard and relatable to one another.

We will look to open up and expand this functionality as our site continues to grow.
We’d love to offer every subject in every soapbox, but if the soapbox becomes too big, it becomes cumbersome for users.


A gallery is a grouping of pictures.
A gallery gets linked to profiles, not individual pictures.

Wish List

The wish list is a quick way to let others know where you may be interested in going.
When looking at restaurants, bars, and other places to go, you will find all wish list menu. Simply click on your thoughts relating to that establishment and it will be added to your wish list.
Your wish list can be linked to your profiles like other content. Your wish list will also relates to the merchant itself and the around town section main pages in the “who wants to go where” section.
Yes, go to my social→ my wish list. You will find your complete wish list. Next to each item you wish to delete, click on the two delete your item


Currently, you can review restaurants, bars, and merchants found in the other places of the Around Town section of Sam's Social.
A review consists of a title, review, and a grade
The grade provided is an average of the scores that we’ve received.

We built Sam to eliminate some of the less genuine practices our competition offers
We use a scale from 0 to 100, but we’d like to think of it as high school grading, not college.

Our goal is to give you a more precise score of what your reviewing and what’s been reviewed


An update occurs any time you add or update a piece of content... make a new friend... or post a comment or update
The content you will find in my updates includes
  • New friendships created by yourself or your friends of a given profile
  • New or updates to contents linked to your friends’ profiles
  • New updates made by your friends for a given profile
  • Comments you make relating to other user's postings
Content includes
  • Blogs
  • Galleries
  • Top tens
  • Soapboxes
  • Wish list
Updates are shown on profiles and based on the contents and friends you have for the profile.

If content is not linked to the profile, it will not show up on the profile
Updates from all your profiles can be found on your My Social home page on Sam's Social

Updates for individual profiles can be found by visiting profile → Selecting View Profile → Updates from the top menu


You can comment on anything that has next to it.
Your comments are viewable on whatever you commented on. They’re also shared with friends of your social profile
All content created on Sam's Social needs to comply with the end user terms and conditions agreed to upon registration.