Personals on Sam's Social take the concept of a personal to a new level. They integrate all the functions Sam’s Social offers to provide viewers with a complete picture of the event.

  • Selecting a type of social interaction (social, date, couple, crew, fam)
  • Write a message
  • Propose a day and time
  • Select/link a place or event
  • Link a deal
  • Link content (such as a gallery)
  • Link a profile
Providing a complete picture gives users peace of mind that the personal is real. Once posted, users, with their profiles, will send their messages to you.
Select “My Social”
Select “My Personals” under the “My Account” menu
Select to create a new personal
You may reply to the original poster and send them a message. The message will require you to link a profile.

We know! We do too!

What we can tell you is:

  • Only members may post personals after they’ve purchased a service from Sam's Social… So they’ve spent a few bucks
  • They should be real. If not, they will receive fines and have issues with being a member
  • Members can only post a limited number of personals in a period before they need to pay for this service, so they are not spamming the website
  • We also let you know who responds to personals and who does not to waste your time either

We’ve tried to give a complete experience! To allow you to meet trusted new people that want to go places you do and when you do and are people you want to meet.

The cost is free, however, a user may only have two active personals at one time.
Any member of a multi person profile may create a personal for the profile.

The profile creator sets the approval requirements for a personal to be posted. This may be set to:

  • Do not require approval. Post the personal
  • Require another profile member to approve the personal
  • Require all members to approve the personal
  • Require the profile creator to approve the personal

We want people to enjoy their experience on Sam's Social!

Common Sense dictates... We want people
  • to "stay in their swim lane" as far as their intentions go
  • to be safe and lawful
What gets you fined!
Undesired Intentions If someone's looking to play tennis or grab a beer - and you're asking them for sex, this person will get pissed off and not be happy. That's bad.
Incorrectly Categorization "Social" is not sex & dating - those are swim lanes & there's a separate place for them!
Requested Money People are here to make friends... not pay for a user's services in exchange for "friendship"
Scam Self-Explanatory...
Violent/Malicious Content Self-Explanatory...
Other Policy Violations If you think it sounds like a bad idea, it probably is.

We're not here to piss people off!
We do not want to fine!
If you're doing these things though, you're killing the process and making it harder for others to feel secure about making friends!