FAQs Profiles

Sam’s profiles provides the user an opportunity to display who they are and the content they select. Each profile type serves a different purpose and has a different questionnaire relating to that purpose. A user’s content is separate from his/hers profile and is shared based on the user selections
The my love segment of a profile provides an opportunity for your friends to tell others how great you are! It provides a reference to others of your character.
One of the hardest parts about meeting new people is timing and wanting to do something someone else wants to do.

This standing calendar is here to give a high-level estimate of what you expect from your week.

Since many people have a fairly set plan for their week, this tries to allow you and others to make plans for things you want to do. Like it says, no one is going to hold you to this. It’s going to let someone else ask you if you want to do something that you said you wanted to do. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Stay in your swim lane.

Sam's Social is about meeting new people. One of the most important parts about meeting new people is that their intentions are well received. If a person is looking to make friends and you are looking for relationship, both individuals results will generally not be positive.

There’s plenty of people to meet out there! You just both need to have the same intentions!

Social Profile

The social profile is your primary profile on Sam's Social

Nope. This gets back to the “staying in your swim lane” concept.

If the user has a dating profile, you should contact them and via that profile.

This helps keeps user’s expectations aligned for all interactions.
You can actually. The user can only have one public social profile, but they may have an additional, private social profile if they so choose. This provides the ability to have a social profile and share things with a smaller group of friends

Dating Profile

It’s a profile. For dating.

The profile itself is currently free.

Sam approaches dating a few different ways.

First, we take the physical approach by asking all the boring questions of the physical asthetics you look for in a partner and about yourself.

Next we ask more telling questions of how you are, your expectations, and what potential partners may want to know about the real you.

We cap off the experience by letting your friends tell others how great you are to help.
Dating content is enabled based on the user’s selections during registration. dating content can be enabled and disabled by selecting the following:

Couple Profile

The couple’s profile provides an opportunity to have a profile with your partner. It allows you to be seen as a couple and meet other couples as a couple.
Some couples like to do things together. Meeting other couples as a couple allows each of you each to have a peer to relate to.

It may not be for all couples, but there can be a friendship transition when being in or entering a relationship.
Then you probably won't need a couple profile...

All couples profiles must have two members to be active
You can have more than 1, however there is a $5 charge per additional couple profile.

Sam's Social is not responsible for any repercussions that may come from this either.

Crew Profile

A crew profile is a way to be seen as part of a group of friends, send messages within the crew, and receive messages as a crew. The problem with a normal friends function is there’s no differentiation between you and friends that may be acquaintances versus your truly good friends.

Crew profiles are designed to represents small groups of friends that hang out regularly.

Do you have friends that you hang out with in real life?

Do you like to meet other groups of friends with your friends?

Then the crew profile is for you.

The crew profile allows a group of guys to meet a group of girls in a social setting. It creates a more comfortable atmosphere than doing everything on your own
Yes, you can be part of up to three crews. After that, you will incur a $5 charge for
A crew may have up to eight members.

For crew profiles with more than four members, there is a $1 charge for each member.

Fam Profile

The fam profile has a focus for its families meeting other families.
As most parents know, it never hurts for your kids to have a few extra friends and to find a few new things to do. The fam profile provides options that aren’t necessarily currently available and to some, this may be a lifesaver!
The Fam Profile is centered around couples and parents with children. Its profile questions focus around the children’s interests and activities.

It allows families to expand and to meet similar families they normally would not have the opportunity to in adjoining towns and neighborhoods
Good question. In developing Sam's Social, some of the feedback we received about other social networks was that everything they posted was made available to their parents who they were connected to. That’s a problem.

The fam profile allows you to connect with your parents while providing the option to share posts with the profiles you select. Problem solved.