FAQs - Around Town

Sam's Social is divided into the different segments of your life. The around town section focuses on all the places you would look to visit socially in your daily life. This includes restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, movie theaters, and other merchants offering services for purchase.

All reviews are from registered users who have purchased Sam’s Bucks

This provides the highest level of authenticity that the reviews are from a real person

All reviews are treated equally

All valid reviews are included equally in summary calculations

Reviews must abide by our review policy which provides a level of safety and relevancy for our users

Only registered users of Sam's Social that have purchased Sam’s Bucks may leave reviews

This provides the highest level of authenticity

A reviewer may only review a restaurant once.

They may edit their opinion as they so choose

Reviews should be helpful.

The best reviews include not only how you felt about the restaurant but also why.

Reviews should be relevant.

the best reviews are focused on relevant topics like food quality, ambiance and service provided. Because reviews can quickly become outdated, we also note the reservation date with each review and expire older reviews.

Reviews should be appropriate.

Reviews that are offensive, obscene, or malicious or that reference illegal activity or conditions will be removed. Out of respect for the privacy of those who work in the restaurant, names or other identifying characteristics should be avoided.


A deal allows the user to purchase credit towards the purchase of goods and services from a merchant at a discounted price with respect to terms and conditions.
Any exceptions or restrictions on using your Deal will be listed under the Terms & Conditions section on the deal page and on your voucher. To be sure you’re using your Deal correctly, please note:
  • The Terms & Conditions will list how many vouchers you are allowed to buy for yourself and as gifts
  • Some deals have additional restrictions like “new clients only” or may require an extra fee
  • Deals are valid only for specific locations
  • Deals can be used right after purchase, up until the expiration date, but may not be combined with other specials or promos
After the expiration date printed on your Deal, its promotional value expires, but you can still redeem it at the merchant for the amount paid towards the goods or services listed on the Deal. For example, if you paid $10 for a Deal redeemable for $20 worth of food, that Deal is still valid for $10 worth of food at that business after it's expired.

This does not apply to tickets and may not apply to certain other deals. Always check the Terms & Conditions of the deal for any exceptions to this rule.

Any deal that does expire may also be redeemed for Sam’s Bucks.
That happens. Not all businesses are required to have deals. Businesses are adding new deals daily so check back often


Only merchants registered in the around town section of Sam's Social may create events.

To register and create events, please visit the merchant section of Sam's Social
No, events listed on Sam's Social are not required to sell tickets to the event.
Users currently do not have the ability to sell tickets to their own events.

In order to sell tickets on Sam's Social, you will need to apply as a business through the merchant section of Sam's Social

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