Sam’s Social is an innovative social network for making new friends. Making new friends is hard. It’s not dating and there’s a lot more that goes into it. Sam’s Social provides a complete solution to enable everyone to make new friends as they need to.

Providing a complete solution means eliminating the unknown between two potential friends. Sam provides tools to address personality, scheduling, interests, opinions and trust. That in itself is a lot. But let’s go back to the original statement as that’s where Sam changes the game.

Sam enables you to make new friends “as you need to”. Let’s say I don’t want to make new friends by myself because I’m married. Sam lets you form a couples profile with your partner to meet other couples together. You can do the same with a “Fam” profile and a “Crew” profiles – where your group of friends can meet other groups of friends.

Sam enables. You're not currently enabled to do these things. If you’re tired of useless social media – Welcome to Sam’s Social! Welcome to the Party!

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